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Home Internet Marketing Business – Selective Strategies for Online Success

In this day and age it is more possible than ever to make a full-time living from the comfort of your home. The Internet gives us possibilities to reach massive numbers of people from all over the globe. As attractive as a home internet marketing business may be it is not without its share of speed bumps along the way. One of your first hurdles will be who do you trust online?

Once you get involved in internet marketing you will naturally search for information to learn more about online business. That is when you get bombarded with emails from people claiming to have a secret or new way of making money online.

Some of these emails are from good people who are offering information and programs that will genuinely help you. Others are from people just trying to make a quick buck. Buying a bunch of useless products that do not make you money online will leave a sour taste in your mouth about online marketing and it will not help your bank account either.

If you have no marketing experience at all you will need to learn from someone. Trying to piece together strategies for building online campaigns from free ideas and advertisements will take a long time and give little or no results in your bank account.

So how do you tell the white hat marketers with helpful advice and information that will make you an online income from the black hat marketers that only want a commission?

Here are some tips for which emails/information will benefit your home internet marketing business.

• Useful emails are typically well written. They may have a spelling error or 2 but the information is well thought out and genuinely informative. It should be easy to understand what the person is trying to get across to you.

• These emails are usually very low pressure and down to earth, like you are talking to a real person.

• People that just want your money usually make wild claims. Any one who promises that you will make $10,000 your first month is most likely dangling a proverbial carrot in front of your face. Pictures of ridiculously expensive boats, cars and houses should also raise a red flag.

Some of the most successful internet marketers got their best advice and strategies from emails from other successful marketers. I find that the more down to earth the email is the more you can relate and learn from that person. An email plastered with gold-plated jets and vintage cars that cost a fortune should be a major turn off.

You can run a successful home internet marketing business as long as you know how to market and what to avoid. If you know nothing about marketing you will need help, but that does not mean that every new strategy will work for you. Learn to filter out the wasteful emails and hold on to the ones that give you sound advice without expecting something in return every time

Home Internet Marketing Business Checklist

Making an opening checklist is a great way to start your venture of putting up your own home internet marketing business that will succeed. The checklist will serve as your guide and will also help make sure that everything that should have been done have really been done. Listed below are different items that generally should be included in a home internet marketing business checklist. More items can be added depending on the nature, function and needs of the business you have in mind.

General Home Internet Marketing Business Checklist

Have I focused on a particular product or service?

Generally, specially with startup businesses, specialist firms do better and have a larger chance of becoming fully established businesses that those firms who offer a variety of services. Your first task as a new business is getting yourself known in your niche. Putting all our focus on one specific product or service will make it easier for you to make a name and an identity as the better or even the best in what you offer.

Have I made my product or service as specialized as possible?

The more narrowed down or particular your product or service, the better.

Have I considered the limitations imposed by my competitors?

It may prove to be too hard at your current stage to compete head on with the leaders of your niche. Aim to be at the top, but plan to do it step by step. Make only a small group as your target audience so you can focus on them more.

Then gradually widen your reach as your business grows.

Have I decided on whether to find a unique market niche or just go with the common niche?

You may decide to offer the same kind of product or service that the other businesses in your niche offer. You may also, on the other hand, opt to come up with a something different. It may be something totally new or an old product or service offered with a twist.

Have I prepared a one-year cash flow projection?

The cash flow projection will be your estimate or expectations of the cash inflows and outflows your business will be experiencing in its first year of operations. It will help make sure your will be able to maintain the liquidity of your enterprise.

Have I got all the necessary e-commerce tools in place?

Have I taken all necessary insurance policies?

In case I plan on selling on credit terms, have I decided on my credit rating policy?

All businesses that allow credit purchases from their customers should implement a credit rating policy to avoid transactions with consumers with poor credit ratings. With this you will earn the respect of good paying customers while at the same time keeping customers who do not pay on time away.

Have I completed my written business plan?

A formal business plan in hard copy is essential to the proper management of any business. It should cover pre-opening, first year and long-term plans. The business plan will not only provide you with something to follow but will also aid you discover any weaknesses in your planning process which in turn will help you learn and improve. It will also help attract investors as it will give them the impression that you are a well-organized business.

Have I taken time to learn and gain practical experience about the basics of my business?

Knowledge is never harmful. Learn as much as you can about your businesses and niche in which it belongs to. You may get practical experience by first working for someone else’s business that is similar to the one you are planning to put up. It will also allow you to tell whether you will get to enjoy the business you have chosen.

Have I accounted for prototypes, research, sampling and trials in my budget?

Have I conducted market tests on my product or service and were the test results satisfactory?

Have I decided to sell a great product at a fair price or a fair product at a great price?

You have to decide whether you prefer selling a few but with high profit per item sold or selling a lot but with a little profit with each item sold. A great product is one with superior quality but high price while a fair product is one with moderate quality and moderate to low price.

Have I prepared all the required communication, computer, and other business tools as well as the skills to use them?

Have I learned all I need to learn about the difference between hiring independent contractors and employing people as well as the related IRS rules and the importance of compliance with these rules?

If hiring and employing is likely to yield similar results select the more cost-effective option. You must also know how to appropriately report and withhold regarding your chosen alternative.

Have I put all the elements of my business structure in place?

o Accounting and bookkeeping systems as well as the accountant
o Premises
o Permits and licenses
o Registered business name
o Operational computers, telephones, cell phones, fax and utilities
o Graphics for advertising and promotional materials
o Registered domain name and online website
o E-commerce ready infrastructure
o Security systems

Home Internet Marketing Business – Time Management for Your Home Business

Time management is critical to any home based business, but particularly with Internet marketing. You are the boss so there is no one to tell you to get moving when your “break” has dragged on too long or if you just do not feel up to the task that day. In order to run a successful home internet marketing business you have to be as dedicated to your online work as you would be with your 9-5 job with a boss breathing down your neck.

Too often people quit Internet marketing before they realize that they never put enough effort into it. Rather than creating content for their online campaigns they end up learning about IM for hours a day instead of implementing what they have learned. Of course it is important to learn how to do things, but then put what you have learned into action.

Effective time management for a home internet marketing business:

Document a work schedule- Everyday have a schedule written out from the night before. Wake up and go by your schedule. Allow periods for breaks and meals, but try to get in serious work time.

Be realistic about setting work periods. You do not need to do 10 hours of straight work. As a rule of thumb I personally work about 2-3 hours at a time and then take a 30 minute to an hour break. After that length of time on the computer my eyes start swimming on the screen and my work starts to get sloppy.

Set up a timer- Throughout the day keep a clock, timer or watch with an alarm near you. If you allow yourself an hour break for lunch makes sure to get back to work when the timer goes off. Take this seriously as it is your business!

Be just as strict when you say you will stop working. If you set the timer for 2 hours drop what you are doing at the 2 hour mark. Knowing when to stop working is just as important as starting. After about 3 or 4 straight hours (if that) your quality of work may go down. Try not to burn yourself out.

Be strict with yourself- It’s not hard to take it easy on yourself so you must be aware of that. Getting an hours work done in a 4 hour time frame is a serious waste of time and efforts. Be strict with yourself and get the most out of your work day. Be cautious of web surfing and other distractions.

Focus on one marketing method- Trying to simultaneously start an article marketing campaign, a pay-per-click campaign and start email marketing and SEO to boot will spread you far too thin. Choose one method of marketing and perfect your craft before you move on.

The key to online success is productivity. Getting more of your content on the web for people to see. By making the most of your online time you will see greater results. Web surfing and other ways of getting side tracked will slow you down. Make the most of your work and give it the attention that it needs.

Time management is one of the toughest aspects of a home internet marketing business. If you have never been your own boss before you might waste time waiting for someone to come along and tell you what to do next out of sheer habit. Be in control of your schedule and you will have more control over your online business.